Biography ✨

Ramiz King™ is an Australian-Afghan reality TV superstar. Born on 19th August 1996 in Kabul, a city in Afghanistan, he is a entertainer, entrepreneur, producer and influencer. Being Afghanistan first Reality TV Star, Ramiz knows how to make an impact everywhere from Afghan TV to MTV. Although Ramiz is popular for being surrounded by controversies, this young talent has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and VFX. He is a content producer and a media strategist. He owns ‘iWear Vibe PTY LTD,’ an Australia-based lifestyle company that was launched in January 2020. Ramiz King debuted in 2018 in ‘Bachashem,’ an Afghan version of the international show Bigg Brother. The decision to begin his career from this platform turned out to be great for him. As he was a part of the first reality TV show in Afghanistan, Ramiz became a national heartthrob and garnered attention from various national and international media sources. His personality and talent shined through, which made him an audience favourite.

Ramiz’s Height is 185CM, Ramiz’s Net Worth is, $880,000.000. Ramiz Star Sign is Leo. Ramiz earns a whopping $5,000.00 Dollars per week for shows like Love School 4 & Ace of space 2.

Ramiz’s appearance on the Afghan reality TV shows stirred hype on various social media platforms. He was approached by several reality TV shows worldwide but chose to make his debut on Indian television. His first appearance was in ‘Love School 4,’ an Indian reality TV show. Ramiz gained a lot of popularity through this show and created a huge Indian and Afghan fanbase. He then appeared in another reality TV show ‘Ace of Space.’ His appearance in this show boosted his public image even more. Being a renowned celebrity in Afghanistan, Ramiz has worked with Persia and Afghanistan’s most popular artist Aryana Sayeed and covered her infamous proposal. Bold personality, good looks, huge fan base, strong online presence, and significant media coverage are all that is required to be a star in modern times, and Ramiz King seems to be having all of it.

Ramiz King introduced reality TV in Afghanistani showbiz, through his show “Zindagi Ma” in 2012. The show was a behind-the-scenes look at the concerts of Afghan singers.

Even though it wasn’t well received at the time, Ramiz wasn’t deterred and kept on coming up with new ideas for reality shows. Ramiz’s lucky break came in 2015 with the Aryana Sayeed Australia Tour along with Ramiz Sister, Rohina, which was a three-part documentary series covering the life of famous singer Aryana Sayeed. Ramiz was making the videos with the help of his sister Rohina. Aryana Sayeed was very much taken by the duo. Recognising their sheer talent, she introduced them to the industry. There was no stopping Ramiz then and he continued to produce reality content. Aryana Sayeed and her manager Hasib Sayed actually got engaged on Ramiz’s show – #LATR

It wasn’t long before Ramiz and Ramiz Sister Rohina paired up with elite famous names like Humayoon Shams Khan and Salem Shahin to produce Afghanistan’s version of Bigg Boss programs which garnered 1.9 million TRP on its live premiere which is unprecedented in Afghanistani showbiz. Ramiz had now become a staple of the industry. After this, Ramiz’s mainstream success continued. Turning his sights on India, he was able to debut with MTV Love School 4, and was an instant hit with his audience. People loved his personality and the fact that he preferred talking in Hindi. Ramiz was also featured on Ace of Space 2. It wasn’t smooth sailing though. Ramiz had repeatedly tried to make things happen with Endemol Shine India. Ramiz had almost made it to Bigg Boss Season 9 and Mujhe Se Shaadi Karo Gi. Showbiz isn’t the only place where Ramiz has made his mark. He is professionally a media strategist for members of the Millionaire Boys Club in Australia. He also manages a Lifestyle brand called iWear Vibe, which produces accessories like sunglasses and robes. Ramiz also owns his own media production company which has become highly successful. Ramiz is currently working on a reality series for India and Afghanistan which will be a new take on being an influencer.