Ramiz King and Rohina are the new Vice of Afghanistan

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Ramiz King, born August 19, 1996, is an Media personality, Producer, Entertainer and Entrepreneur born Kabul, Afghanistan and raised in Australia is taking over his home Country as Ramiz and family are signing a reality tv deal with Tolo TV in coming months. The news has hit as we have spotted the main Moby Groups creative heads have now started to follow Ramiz & Rohina. Afghanistan has never had a family show or any show which Starr’s real families but this family is unique because two of its members have always been infamous and celebrated for their bond. A head on tackle for Aryana Sayeed and Hasib is what most people see Ramiz King & Rohina heading for. Dynamics of this family is interesting. Mainly because no Afghan till date have showed their true reality. All shows feature artists and people in their best behaviour, having a real reality show means showcasing the good and bad. Sharing your family is currently looked down upon so we don’t know yet how people are going to take this news.

West Ta East (2022) TOLO TV✓

Aryana Sayeed is a dominating figure in media of Afghanistan but she and manager did manage either intentionally or unintentionally allowed this sibling duo powerful to stand neck to neck with them after years of trying Ramiz & Rohina had already made an impact on the people so big that on #LATR – met gala episode, Hasib Sayed Quotes “to be an honour” to take a photo with Ramiz King MTV. The next most famous family or brand is going to be Ramiz Kings and like true artists Aryana & Hasib acceptingly is embracing them. Power to power. Sharing a pure platonic relationship, the siblings are due to win more hearts because most of us, If we don’t have a lover we sure enough have siblings. Everyone can relate to this family and also progressively watch their blueprint on fame.

It’s reported the first part of the program and opening season is called ‘West Ta East’ a show focusing on the rich siblings leave their luxury life of the West and move to living in the ditches of the East. Similar to the show Kim and Kourtney take New York but with a original aspect to it. This show will either make or break this duo and it’s reported they will be joined in by Humayoon shams khan, Freshta Alimi and many more Afghan celebrities who will do special cameos on the show. 

The series is programmed to show the 15 minute fame reign of the family and how they all as a team going to make this last and remain relevant. Tolo is a company who is co-designed by Tom Freston who left MTV USA and decided to create entertainment in Afghanistan. Ramiz is keeping it to the network standard of his debut channel and soon going to be launching with Afghanistan biggest channel, Tolo TV. Are you excited to watch this family drama?

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