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Being a celebrity in the current era is not a piece of cake. One has to go through rigorous training and develop a thick skin to bear the unnecessary negative news surrounding the new-age celebrity. Back in the day, the life of media stars was not as difficult as it is today. They did not have to compete with each other every other day to be relevant. The dynamics of sustaining in the entertainment industry have drastically changed with time. Today the celebrities and the A-listers have to face a cut-throat competition to be on the top of their game. Among the celebrities who have recently debuted and are soaring in the industry because of their bold personality and entertainment skills are Ramiz King.

Ramiz King is an Australian-Afghan reality TV superstar. Born on 19th August 1996 in Kabul, a city in Afghanistan, Ramiz was a jolly and creative kid from the beginning. He did not spend much of his childhood in Kabul as his family moved to Australia. Living in an Indian neighborhood in Australia and being surrounded by them, he became greatly influenced by the Indian culture, which explains his present career options. As a kid, he grew up consuming a lot of Indian content. He watched all the shows that aired on MTV, such as Jersey shore and Splitsvilla. The vibrant industry and catchy films attracted him, and he aspired to work in Bollywood someday. So as soon as he had the chance to step into the Indian industry, Ramiz did not hesitate.

Taking a Bold Step

Reality TV shows worldwide are labeled to be the most controversial pieces of content. They thrive on drama and giving out content that entices the audience. Entering any reality TV shows brings great risk with itself. One’s career can either be shot to new heights or brought to the lowest. There is no in-between. Knowing the risks but believing in himself, Ramiz King debuted in 2018 in ‘Bachashem,’ an Afghan version of the international show Bigg Brother. The decision to begin his career from this platform turned out to be great for him. As he was a part of the first reality TV show in Afghanistan, Ramiz became a national heartthrob and garnered attention from various national and international media sources. His personality and talent shined through, which made him an audience favorite.

Fame in today’s world depends on how well the internet knows you. Anyone who has a heavy social media following is considered a celebrity and is treated the same way. Similarly, Ramiz’s appearance on the Afghan reality TV shows stirred hype on various social media platforms. He was approached by several reality TV shows worldwide but chose to make his debut on Indian television. His first appearance was in ‘Love School 4,’ an Indian reality TV show. Ramiz gained a lot of popularity through this show and created a huge Indian and Afghan fanbase. He then appeared in another reality TV show ‘Ace of Space.’ His appearance in this show boosted his public image even more. Within a short time, Ramiz has managed to work with some famous Indian celebrities such as Karan Kundra, VJ Anusha, Baseer Bob, Vikas Gupta, and Roshmi Banik, Ashmit Patel, and many more.

Although Ramiz is popular for being surrounded by controversies, this young talent has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and VFX. He is a content producer and a media strategist. He owns ‘iWear Vibe PTY LTD,’ an Australia-based company that was launched in January 2020. Being a renowned celebrity in Afghanistan, Ramiz has worked with Persia and Afghanistan’s most popular artist Aryana Sayeed and covered her infamous proposal.

Bold personality, good looks, huge fan base, strong online presence, and significant media coverage are all that is required to be a star in modern times, and Ramiz King seems to be having all of it. Currently, he is in talks with the makers of the Indian version of Big Brother and also claims to host the next season of Bachashem alongside Humayoon Shams. He will be seen hosting several Afghan TV shows including, Afghanistan’s Big Brother, a reality TV show on Tolo, and many more. A TV-series based on Ramiz King’s life and Rohina will also be launched in Afghanistan in the upcoming year. He is also in works with ‘Endemol Shine India’, an Indian TV company, for a new reality show for Bollywood, with his talent and skills, he aims to integrate India and Afghanistan’s people and cultures and be a peace initiator.

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