Ramiz King

Is an Media Personality, Entrepreneur and Producer. Best known as a Reality TV Star. Ramiz is Afghanistan first reality TV star and is making an impact from Afghan TV to MTV.

Ramiz King MTV Star (the talent that needs no introduction)

Everyone is gifted with something special that makes them unique. This unique feature needs to be discovered within oneself to make one’s personality shine through it. People are often ignorant of special talent and end up being boring and dull. Having a talent adds a spark to one’s personality and makes them prominent in a crowd. People who work on their talent diligently and make it their passion are driven to achieve their dreams and goals. Such people are creative by nature and know when and how to use their gifts. Making the most of his innate talent is an Afghan-born celebrity, Ramiz King. He is a renowned reality TV celebrity and has appeared in many Indian and Afghan TV shows.

Born in Afghanistan, Ramiz King is blessed with features that make him look like a European. From his early days, he was conscious of his looks and flaunted them proudly. He then moved to Australia with his family where he grew up. His family lived in an Indian neighborhood, which influenced his personality a lot. He was fond of the Indian cuisine and the simple culture followed by the people there. Ramiz spent his teenage watching all Indian reality TV shows, which attracted him a lot. He religiously followed all the reality TV stars and aspired to be a part of it one day. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Film and VFX, Ramiz began his pursuit of appearing on TV.

From Afghanistan to India

Reality TV shows in Afghanistan were not received well. Due to the conservative culture, there were many restrictions. But after many discussions and decisions, the very first reality show ‘Bachashem,’ an Afghan version of the international show Bigg Brother was launched. Ramiz King made his first appearance on this much anticipated and big TV show in Afghanistan. Learning from the shows he watched as a teenager, Ramiz was very well aware of the tactics and strategies he would have to apply to win the show. His bold personality, good looks, and entertaining skills made him a prominent contestant of the show. Ramiz had mastered the art of speaking well. The talent of saying the right thing at the right time made him an audience favorite. Although he did not win the competition, Ramiz’s confidence and strong personality garnered attention from all media houses worldwide.

Acknowledging the fact, the media industry is backed by the power of social media, Ramiz shifted this focus on creating a strong social media portfolio. He began by creating short videos with his half-sister Rohina Rahimi. He is a great public entertainer and was praised for his work by the audience. In addition to this, he became a content producer and a media strategist in Australia. He launched his clothing brand, ‘iWear Vibe PTY LTD,’ in Australia in January 2020. Being a renowned celebrity in Afghanistan and a famous social media star, he worked with Persia and Afghanistan’s most popular artist Aryana Sayeed and covered her infamous proposal. The media coverage from the proposal brought Ramiz under the limelight, and he began getting offers from famous Indian reality TV shows.

Ramiz’s hard work and talent finally showed their results. His life-long dream to be a part of Indian reality TV shows was fulfilled. As he now had the opportunity to appear in them. His first appearance was in ‘Love School 4,’ an Indian reality TV show. Ramiz gained a lot of popularity through this show and created a huge Indian and Afghan fanbase. He then appeared in another reality TV show ‘Ace of Space.’ His appearance in this show boosted his public image even more. Within a short time, Ramiz has managed to work with some famous Indian celebrities such as Karan Kundra, VJ Anusha, Baseer Bob, Vikas Gupta, and Roshmi Banik, Ashmit Patel, and many more.

Today Ramiz is a known face in the Indian Industry and has managed to create a reputation for himself in both countries. He has net worth of 500k- 800k and one of his future plans include being a part of ‘Bigg Boss,’ the Indian version of the international show Bigg Brother. This TV, in particular, is a huge deal in India, and being a part of it, would surely boost his portfolio as an entertainer.

‘If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.’ — Haruki Mukarami

The talent of Ramiz proves Mukarami’s quite true, as he is clearly flying in the Indian and Afghan media industry. He aspires to debut in Bollywood someday and promote his nation’s culture and art throughout the world.

Ramiz King the newest Television Media Personality✔️ 

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Ramiz King is an Australian-Afghan reality TV superstar. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Producer and Influencer. Being Afghanistan first Reality TV Star, Ramiz knows how to make an impact everywhere from Afghan TV to MTV.

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