Ramiz King is about to become a Millionaire ⚠️

Ramiz King the rising, Media Personality, Entrepreneur and Producer is already sitting on a net worth of $880,000 Australian Dollars through his real estate and businesses in Afghanistan and internationally but we confirm that in the coming next 24 months Ramiz is about to secure a deal which might just make him a millionaire. There isn’t much MTV India personalities whom we can call a millionaire yet but India definitely has a golden egg laying within it but will they utilise it on time or not?

What show or deal is Ramiz about to sign that will make him a millionaire? Well this former Ace of space and Love School participant has been in midst Aloocozay groups which trades Pepsi and Coco Cola in Afghanistan, trying to lock the deal of having Ramiz King be the face and new ambassador of but Ramiz doesn’t just plan on becoming a face for the company but joining them in business. Ramiz has great plans on where to use the money? He is reportedly going to be making new shows in India with the funds. Ramiz King has recently also launched the first ever male make up line which follows the sunnah and principles of the Islamic religion which is the traditional Eye Kohl Surma which the prophets once wore.

What steps do you see Ramiz taking to secure this deal and his destiny as a millionaire. He is known to be powerful in all areas but India has yet come to realise that Ramiz King didn’t just came to play but to stay. He plans on making a durable and impactful career in Indian industry along with his marks in the Afghan industry. Krissan Barretto is too making waves with her newest purchases and makes it clear that she’s here for the bag too. She recently bought her new Mercedes whilst Ramiz also bought a new Range Rover which he isn’t posting on social media but we will see glimpses of it on West Ta East on Tolo TV and his new upcoming fitness videos series featuring Syed Iftikhar. Here was a latest update on what these MTV stars are up-to and what their eyes are set on.

Who will become a millionaire first?

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