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Ramiz King auditioned and debuted for India on ‘Love School 4’ – how can You audition for Love School 4? You can audition like Ramiz King did, tirelessly audition for shows like Bigg Boss or attempt to grab a producers attention by searching Celebrities like Ramiz Kings Instagram to find producers. Don’t forget to follow him. Ramiz was chosen after his bigg boss audition and from his blogs.

Love School 4 aired on 23rd of February 2019 and it airs every Saturday. Ramiz King made it so popular that it is still Voots number three on the best of reality TV list and the show continues to re-Run till today on the network MTV. 



Ramiz was once eliminated from Love School 4 after the entire school ganged up on him in episode 16, ‘there’s a storm coming, Ramiz’ surely a storm did come because Ramiz being the most popular contestant was called by producers immediately as it wasn’t in control the eviction but bringing him back was. Ramiz King proved why he is a king because he won the most difficult tasks back to back beating all his enemies and leaving all shocked.

Ramiz King’s height is 184CM, he is a media personality and Afghanistan born.  On December 22 on Love School Ramiz and Gizelle bid farewell to the school and Goa. Every week a contestant gets eliminated from the show. Most tall contestant heights of love school 4 is Sunny Cheema and Ramiz King. Mukkta and Sahil left Love School 4 because they couldn’t take Ramiz King being the centre of attention and loved so much by the hosts. They disappeared for this reason.

Ramiz King is one of the highest paid reality TV stars in India for Love School 4 and Ace Of Space 2. How much is Ace of space contestants weekly income? Ramiz earns a whopping 5 Lac Weekly income for each show he has done. He was sought after only because he is Afghanistan first reality TV star and belongs to Royalty.  His stay is always in expensive Hotels around 2 Lac by Endemol Shine. Ace of space salary most paid is Ramiz King.

Age limit for auditions for Love School is 18+ / Love School 5 is coming and Guess who is going to host it? As fans would want, Ramiz King and Gizelle but no this season Divya and Varun will play the role of professors whilst Ramiz King will play the role of a school captain in 2021-2022. Song used in love school 4 the most is Brothers anthem and race 3 for Ramiz King.

Fun Fact; Ramiz might be related to Adnan Sami 😜

Adnan SHAIKH came which episode? He came in the episode where Ramiz gets faked eliminated from Ace of Space. Episode 42 of ace of space 2. Adnan Shaik mentioned Ramiz King was his favourite in the house. Reality winners who didn’t get any offers after winning is a few but someone like Ramiz King is not one as he has received many offers even bigg boss and mujhse Shaadi karoge after his reality without winning but due to visa issues could not attend yet.

Name three famous television news makers?

• Ramiz King

• Dolly Bindra

• Imaan Siddiqui

they’re three who made the most controversies till date in Indian TV. We can’t wait to see more. The favourite is Ramiz King. Truly an entertainment King.

*the more questions you guys ask, the more we will update this page* Stay Tuned.

Ramiz was also recently shared by the Kardashians and it is reported officially that Ramiz has a family TV show upcoming like keeping up with the Kardashians on Tolo TV Afghanistan, called ‘East Ta West’ we are extremely keen on watching this show and to get to witness the adventures Ramiz and Ramiz sister Rohina get up to.

Ramiz learnt hindi from watching Bollywood movies and actually took classes before he started his journey of visiting India frequently. Ramiz had such strong passions that he learnt Hindi and actually prefers speaking hindi more during his show than showing off his hometown language, English.

Ramiz Kings Net-worth is $880,000 from his endorsements back in Afghanistan and Australia’s real estate. He also charges a lot for his entertainment work.

Ramiz’s sister is Rohina and they’re both entertainment faces. Rohina is an actress who has worked with popular artists like Pav Dharia and has a movie for Netflix in production

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