RAMIZ KING’s Official Brand: iWear Vibe™

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looks like the famous and is made for You to feel like a Celebrity.



Ramiz King’s iWear Vibe Sunglasses looks like the famous and is made for You to feel like a Celebrity

iWear Vibe Sunglasses is a branded eyewear shop brought by RAMIZ King. The purpose and drive of the brand is for everyone to feel like a celebrity. Sci-fi and futuristic is the main vibe of the sunglasses company and we think they’re hitting on point with that especially with their 89.00$ collection. RAMIZ being a Mtv face has brought the right product to the market as we all know a star has to have a strong collection of eyewear if they gonna compete in this race.

iWear Vibe is designed and made in Australia and fits all standard European and New Zealand requirements.

Faces like Ashmit Patel, Esha gupta and Nikhil Chinapa are sought for branding and they’re in search for new faces to have model their collection. Sunglasses has been a big accessory to his Debut on TV. RAMIZ has always worn the right Eyewear for the current Vibe and fans loved his style of wearing Sunglasses which is neither too close to the eye or to low but in middle of the tip of his nose where his eyes are featured. Ramiz King the Afghan-Australian Television Personality knows how to make an impact in all areas.

Ramiz King is also a media strategist and content producer and owns a Media company in Australia & now he has launched iWear Vibe™ for Everyone who rises above the mediocrity and knows to shine bright in their unique style. Vibe Eyewear has been worn and loved by many top celebrities of B-town and RAMIZ also has been featured with Stars of Afghanistan and Persia’s most famous Aryana Sayed. He covered her infamous proposal LATR + Aryana Sayed. He has made iWear Vibe™️ to be Prestigious and high quality standards for the Famous in every niche and setting. You may be the star of your friends group hence You gotta be accessorised accordingly. iWear Vibe™ Eyewear is for everyone who likes to feature Originality. New international Western Influencers are sourced and currently in talks to feature in the new Sunglass Brands AD Campaign, ‘ The Extraordinary ‘

iWear Vibe is European and Australian standard quality, designed luxuriously in fine precision to be Extra everything and allow You to join the V.I.P Club and yet look classic and shine like a fifth avenue Diamond.

iWear Vibe N°4

iWear Vibe N°4 Sunglasses™


Ramiz King wears his Sunnies, day and night because who can stop You from being extra everything good. That’s right, no one. The brand is designed to make you shine and feel like a star because it’s all in how you feel and think. Ramiz King since the age of 8, loved sunglasses and as he watched himself back on ‘Love School 4’ he realised that Sunnies are his key point in Personality and look. Everything begins from there on and today here we are with

Ramiz King born on the 19th August 1996, in Kabul, Afghanistan is a Television Personality and Influencer but when it comes to his stars he is a Leo and that resonates in his brand. Honestly not like Ramiz King usually doesn’t come in spotlight with his interesting personality but with these shades he shines bright like a diamond. Ramiz hasn’t always been in the spotlight, he has grown up being obese and an complete outcast. Seeing his confidence today makes one question if that really is true but in fact it is true hence his strong personality today. Quality of his personality is Gucci so you can just imagine the quality standards his Brand is putting out. iWear Vibe™ isn’t just a fashion and apparel line but recently the company has given a statement on being limitless and innovate to anything and everything. Ramiz King’s company is now producing content for Television, Netflix and most popular digital streaming platforms.


iWear Vibe™ PTY LTD produces original series, films and TVC for exclusive selected brands. We have bought the copyright of Afghanistan’s first reality TV show, ‘BaChashem’ and are continually on the search to buy or produce new concepts and shows all around the globe. We are starting with India and Afghanistan as of now and then embarking on a mission to change Australian media. Being a sunglasses brand does not stop us from being a multi lifestyle brand which is inclusive of entertainment, fashion and a luxury lifestyle brand. iWear Vibe™ is beyond the set limitations of business. We are a innovative brand that thrives on innovating a new path for business. We work with celebrities and major producers to bring about entertainment to the world of Netflix, Indian TV + Streaming apps and Australian media. We are not your typical production house nor Sunglasses company, We are limitless.

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